KCBR Live Life Like

These guys know how to have some fun. The video starts out with a group of people cooking breakfast and then filling up their left over egg shells with paint. After spraying down a lovely young lady with paint they head to the train yard with their paint filled eggs. They approach a train car painted in black and white with the word colors. Something doesn’t seem right, it’s too bland, needs more color. The paint filled eggs are then thrown at the train, splashing it with all colors of the rainbow. Just what the doctor ordered.

All day and all night. What better was to express that then painting a trains during the day followed by painting trains at night.

The video then takes us a trip to a local public space where ladies are asked to draw the KCBR graffiti crew letters in a sketchbook. Once collected, these drawings are used as outlines for pieces that will ride trains all over the city.

Viewers are then taken to the train yard to read messages written in graffiti on several different trains. Taken solo the message is incomplete but as the passenger trains move by each other the full statement is revealed.

A train is painted to look like a giant penis with veins and all. Into the tunnel it goes.

Don’t think they really needed to run up on that old dude towards the end of the video, they almost gave him a heart attack. Hearing the train yard security talk at the end of the video is too funny.

These crazy guys even ride on the back of a moving track while tagging it with graffiti. Lots of great train graffiti bombing throughout the entire video. The music is cut and mixed perfectly to match the ongoing action.

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