Arise Interview

Interview With Graffiti Artist Arise

arise graffiti bombing abandoned building

Why did you pick that name?

At the time I was listening to a lot of hardcore music and the word popped up a lot in various song lyrics. I also spelt it funny, which I thought was clever and had good letter flow. Now, I just spell it normally with bad letter flow.

What is your favorite form of graffiti?

I’ve always been the most into painting pieces either on walls or trains. I always enjoy seeing well placed toss-ups and straight letters. I hate doing rollers.

How would you define graffiti?

I would define graffiti as an action of the application of a word on a surface, in the best case illegally. This has always personally motivated with the intent of other people seeing it. Graffiti as an “art” form or visual style, I think entails a pretty large history of subculture and visual conventions.

What do you think of legal walls? Do you enjoy painting them?

Legal walls are a good time with friends and that’s about it really.

Do you diss other people’s work? If so, for what reasons?

I have in the past but at this point, I would like to think that I’m beyond all the petty drama that would necessitate that sort of action.

Who are your favorite writers?

Heist, Phrite and Guilt. I’ve been lucky enough to meet/paint/hang out with a number of very talented and influential writers. A few specifically come to mind but for the most part it’s the people I push crews with.

What is your best graffiti memory?

This is my tenth year of being involved with graffiti seriously, so it’s pretty hard to pick a specific memory. Really though, looking back it’s all about the people and places I got to experience that never would have happened without graffiti.

What is your worst graffiti memory?

Watching friends get arrested.

What is your favorite thing to paint?

At this point, I mostly only get to paint walls but if I could pick anything right now it would be boxcars. Fancy ones.

What is your favorite kind of paint?

I’m not picky about paint but I have my preferences for outlining/detail stuff on pieces. Old krylon, specifically ultraflat black, will always be the paint I compare things to.

Why do you write/paint?

I don’t write/paint now nearly as much as I used to. I’ve been invested in all this nonsense for so long now, that all my best friends I know through graffiti. It’s pretty much impossible to stop something when it defines your favorite social interaction.

How would you describe your own style?


Would you call yourself a graffiti writer or street artist? Why?

I would call myself a graffiti writer because these questions are about graffiti. If we were talking about design or fine art, I could easily define myself in other ways. Never as a street artist, no matter what the conversation was about.

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